Creative ideas for kids to use their imagination and get them writing over the summer holidays

My eldest daughter loves to express herself through writing, it is the opposite for my middle daughter, who is a reluctant writer. It has been a real uphill struggle this school year and after reading her school report and speaking with her teacher, I am determined to help her over the Summer holidays. It will take a bit of convincing, but she has accepted that it will be an important part of Key Stage 2 and so is willing to try. For all parents – there is hope.

Her teacher was very influential this year and we got her this personal gift to thank her and came up with a plan to help improve her writing working with her interests.

My plan involves the following.

Learning about a new country

My kids are mini travellers and have a night light world globe that fascinates them. They keep pointing to places and so my daughter is going to find out and write about where we will be travelling to on holiday, so that when we arrive she has her list to refer to and basic language she can use, like please and thank you. Manners don’t cost anything wherever you are in the world.

Choosing a postcard on days out to write about adventures

We have done this in the past. She is excited about picking postcards and coming home to write about her adventures and then giving them out to her favourite people – her best friend and nanny.
We are also going to make a memory board in the kitchen so she can look back at what she has done anytime she wants and write additional comments if she wants to.

Keeping a holiday diary and having a special pen

She got a diary for her birthday and I have bought her a set of pens just for her diary. I have asked her to write about play dates or days out when we have stay at home days. This seems to be a hit as she likes the idea of having special pens. So we will see if this takes off.

List what she wants from the food shop each week

Rather than asking a hundred times what she wants to snack on I am asking her to write it all down and check her spelling.

Writing a summer holiday to do list

So far she has said she wants to visit a castle, stroke a giraffe, go on a plane, paddle board at the beach, see a mountain and have a pool to jump in at home. So I am going to get her to write this wish list down. To avoid disappointment I will be explaining how we will try and get through her list and if we run out of time we can keep her list until next time. Well, that’s the idea…

I hope these ideas will give my daughter the focus and a reason to enjoy writing. If you have any other tips that work for you please comment and share. Muchas gracias. Obrigada. Merci. Thank you.

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