Can animal-themed yoga poses help lower stress levels?

I wanted to find something that we could enjoy in our own space at home, the place we all feel most relaxed. So I introduced yoga to my friends and family, by showing them animal poses. That got their attention!

We do them in the front room and outdoors in the back garden. So wherever suits you – just have fun.

Animal-themed stretches

Who doesn’t want to roar and let it all out in the lion pose? Release stress by swinging like a gorilla? Recharge and be majestic like a cobra snake?

These yoga poses are so engaging. They encourage creativity, confidence in doing something for yourself as well as working with other family members as a team.

Lion Pose

Lions are fearless. Sticking out your tongue and letting out a bellowing roar is what appeals to a young audience. Get ready and roar as loud as you can!

How to: Kneel on a mat and sit back on your heels. Press your palms into your knees, open out your fingers like claws. Breathe in through your nose, open your mouth, and try to stretch your tongue to your chin. Breathe out through your mouth and let out a roar!

Shark Pose

Sharks know what they want and go for it. Use this pose to develop strength, focus and determination.

How to: Lie on your tummy. Clasp your hands behind your back. Roll your shoulders back, lift your chest, hands and feet. Breathe, arch, lift and lengthen your whole body.

Cobra Pose

Long, smooth and majestic. As snakes grow they shed their skin. What have you outgrown? Ready to let go..

How to: Lie on your belly, head on hands. Place hands under shoulders. Lengthen legs back, press into hands and arch up. Lift and open chest arms straight.

Gorilla pose

Have fun making sounds and enjoy releasing and swinging your arms.

How to: Squat with knees open and hands on the ground. Come up and rest elbows on thighs. Swing and hang loose. Straighten your legs and swing to the right. Swing to the left.

Lizard on a rock

Lizards are flexible and relaxed. So relax, expand and recharge.

How to: Warm up first and stretch out your spine by reaching arms to the ceiling. Kneel back to back. One is a rock and one is a lizard. Rock folds down over thighs, lizard squats next to rock. Lizard places sacrum on rock. Lizard leans back across rock.

With these skills, children can learn to use yoga when they want to calm down but still express themselves. Remind them to breathe, using only their nose. Inhale and exhale. Feeling calm in each pose.

Hope you enjoy these individual and partner poses.


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  1. These look like really fun yoga poses to practice as a family! Loving the shark one especially. The instructions on the cards look easy to understand too which is great for older ones who might want to take change and run their own yoga class in the garden. Thank you for joining us for the #dreamteam

    • Thank you for reading and your comments. Glad you liked the animal yoga poses. Yes,they are a great way to exercise with all the family. We love the shark too. My kids love making noise and stretching!

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