Thank you for putting up with us – Teacher gifts

 A  great teacher can make the world of difference in a child’s life. I still remember Mrs Power, my first teacher, who told me to dream big and be fearless. Do you have a teacher you remember?

My phone keeps beeping. I have been bombarded by messages, 24 to be precise, on my school class WhatsApp for gift ideas to thank the teachers and teaching assistants for putting up with the kids (their words not mine) – and so thought I’d better do some research and well, get my act together, as it’s only a few weeks until the end of term.

So here are a few ideas to say  – Thank you:

Personal engraved gifts, keepsakes, funny slogans and some rather tasty treats, that hopefully the kids don’t find and eat beforehand.


Personalised keyring, personalised wooden bookmarks in varying designs where you can write your own message, slogan mug, keepsake box, coaster, board.

I have ordered a personalised bookmark, as my daughter wanted to show her appreciation with her own message to her teacher, who has been very supportive this year.

From The or in the store

Quirky slogan gifts like: I’ll be there in a prosecco bell (which I quite like myself) and could go with a bottle of prosecco.


Pick and mix, chocolate heart and chocolate square message.


Another idea is making your own cards. My kids have got creative and made collage cards from varying fabrics and materials on the themes from the year: London, Countries of the world, Rivers, the Romans etc.

Good to see them doing this as it shows they have actually listened at some point in class…

There is a whole range of personal cards you can order from, Quite like the Teaching Assistant Classroom Ninja cards.

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