Mum to Be? 5 Things you can CROSS OFF the baby list

The ‘To Get’ list seems endless and you are busy ticking it off. Brands are great at focusing and targeting excited parents who don’t want their child to miss out. Don’t worry – there a few items you really won’t ‘miss out’ on. I know from experience, and 3 kids later, I wish someone had told me not to waste my money. I want to share my experiences -so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

  1. Nappy Bin – Don’t be fooled. No Scented bin will eliminate the smell of newborn poo or even worse, a baby that has moved onto solids. I know, I wasted good money on this. Get a cheap bin and biodegradable nappy sacks will do.
  2. Shoes – Don’t give in. They are not needed and a complete waste of money, concentrate on essentials. A babygro covers little feet and you are likely to be using these for a good few months, I certainly did.
  3. Expensive state of the art changing table – Don’t bother. If you are short of space or money, there is no point. Invest in a changing area instead and a good, eco-friendly changing mat instead like Bambino Mio or other sustainable brands. I managed with 3 children and was fine changing on a table.
  4. Baby Oil – Don’t need more to clean. Never used it, or know any mum who has. Greasy and unnecessary and blocks pores. Although, I expect there are other uses, it may work perfectly well for.
  5. Talcum Powder – Don’t need more mess. I remember my mum saying she used this on me and my siblings, so I got some. I remember crying after. This stuff goes everywhere – and I mean – everywhere. Use the fantastic range of natural barrier creams out there instead. I used Burt’s Bees.

By @mumonschoolrun