Extremely crafty ways to get your kids to eat MORE fruit and vegetables

There have been times in my parenting journey when I have wanted to join my kids in rolling on the floor in the middle of a busy supermarket. Food shopping with little ones is not easy. It is chaotic and time consuming and I usually come home without the food item I went out to get in the first place.

So when you have battled through the food run, spent ages preparing the meal and making sure you meet the 5-a-day quota – the least the kids could do is eat it. Wrong!

If you want to save time, and your sanity, try these tips:

Feed the Turtle Game

Use Conchiglie pasta (sea shell shaped) and place your chosen vegetables inside it. I have made a game out of this called ‘Feed the turtle’, my eldest daughter chose the name. For some reason my kids like the fact that they can touch their food and create their own food art. It works every time. They make it, walk ‘the food turtle’ across their plate and into their mouths.

Funny Fruit Face Plates

Get the kids to wash and cut their fruit, using safe utensils, and design their very own funny face.

The brighter the fruit the better, which allows you to introduce more exotic fruits to their palette. Get them to make hair, eyes, eyebrows, ears, nose, cheeks, mouth and even a tongue. Just get creative.

Hair – Pineapple, mango, papaya, satsuma

Eyes – Grapes, blueberries, banana

Eyebrows/Nose/Ears – Apple, pear, coconut

Mouth/Cheeks/Tongue – Strawberries, raspberries,

Turn it into a game and see who can make the funniest fruit face and eat it!

Same Colour Food

Now, this may sound strange, but stay with me. Weaning has been an interesting time and very  different with each of my three kids. My son likes the familiarity of the same colour foods. I tried grouping foods together and he experimented, started tasting and eating.

White – potato mash/chips, courgette, cauliflower

Orange – Sweet potato/butternut squash, carrots

Green – Peas, cucumber, leek, pepper, broccoli, spinach

Red – Pepper, kidney beans, tomato

The list goes on. There are many colour combinations for first tastes.

I then added fish, meat, tofu, rice, pulses, pasta.

It is a learning curve for all parents. Try whatever works for your kids, no matter how strange, if you find something that works stick with it. Have fun inventing food games and being creative.

Here’s to happy mealtimes!

By @mumonschoolrun