Flying with kids: 9 tried and tested tips from travellers and flight attendants

The day has come and everyone is excited for the trip to the airport, airline tickets ready. Here are a few tips for stress free flying, from my own travel experiences,  that may help to make it just a little bit easier.

1)            Take antibacterial lotion (available in all good chemists) and add a few drops to baby wipes. Wipe your seat on the plane, the tray, the window flap and any handles or buttons within reach of tiny fingers. It may sound over the top, but it will prevent any bugs being picked up.  Flight attendants will nod their approval, and if any other passengers are funny about it, ignore them. They will be the ones using their calpol sachets later in the holiday!

2)            Invest in a baby wipe case with a strap that can be attached to the stroller. Trust me, this will save you time, fumbling around for wipes after your little ones have smudged who knows what over their face and body. There are plenty of choices. Skip hop carry case is a handy one.

3)            Charge your children’s devices so that they are full the night before and give it to them, with headphones, on the plane – not before. No matter how tempting it is when waiting in the departure lounge. They have space to roam here, however, they won’t on the plane.

4)            Forget about taking crayons or colour pencils. If they drop them, they will roll everywhere and annoy all around you. It will also avoid the tantrum about not having the red crayon, because they can’t possibly use the ten other colours in the pack. I’ve been there -save yourself a headache.

5)            Take something to chew for take off and landing. Pick this up whilst waiting for the flight, saves you packing more stuff.  It will help little and big ears. Or chew on a dummy or pacifier if they need to. In conclusion, anything that helps with the air pressure and pressure in general is good.

6) Life is so much easier travelling when you have hands free. So invest in a good size backpack for carry on luggage. More practical and I can’t do without mine. As a result, there will be no more struggling with straps falling off shoulders and juggling bags and children.

7) If you can, colour code your hand luggage, when you separate items. For example red – for toiletries/medicine, green – for games, white for spare clothes. This prevents the bag search monopoly and will save you time standing in the aisle trying to reach for items in the cabin locker.

8) Take medicine sachets of calpol or piriton – you never know when you will need it.

9) Pack a spare set of clothes for the kids and for yourself. I thought I had everything packed on one trip, focus on the kids, when my little one poured her drink down my top. I didn’t have anything to change into and so had to sit with a wet, stained top for the whole flight. Therefore be prepared.

Good luck and have a wonderful trip. Hope these tips help.


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  1. I don’t have kids, but my nieces and nephew fly to me often. I finally found the solution to the crayon problem – the triangle ones. They can’t roll all over! Love the baby wipes tip, messes are everywhere. #GlobalBlogging

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